Monday, August 10, 2009

Today is Monday – and that means one thing for me: the start of a new Weight Watchers journal.

I am not exactly religious about logging my points, but every Monday I go at it with new resolve – like this will be the week! I actually didn’t weigh in last week, so I darn well better have a significant loss the next time I step on the scale. Last week – after running 19.75 miles – I scurried over to make weigh in. I gained nearly TWO pounds!!! And this seems to be the story of my life.

I just read in Runners World Magazine that I could shave off two minutes of my marathon time if I lost five pounds. I could probably shave 30 minutes off if I just ran faster. But neither one seems to be happening right now. I just love food too much. And cake.

Speaking of cake – we celebrated our running coach’s birthday this weekend. I love to bake and decorate cakes almost as much as I love to eat them. So I made this triathlon cake - realizing half way through the process, that people who are really dedicated triathletes don’t eat cake! Oh well, more for me to enjoy… now on to that Weight Watcher’s journal….


  1. Take a look at this:,8599,1914857-2,00.html

  2. oh, I feel horribly that I have tempted you with Mellow Mushroom Pizza...runners need carbs, right?

  3. HA!! Don't think I haven't been figuring out how to fit pizza in! Greens, greens and more greens for lunch. Surely I will have some points saved! One slice of cheese pizza is only 3.5 points at Mellow Mushroom!

  4. Connie - I just started reading this article-- and I can tell you the same is true for me. The only time I ever seem to lose weight is by dieting or starving. The exercise just seems to improve my mood! Will finish it eat while I eat my salad for lunch!