Friday, August 14, 2009

Go Kim, Go!

Sometimes talking about running is actually more fun than running. Some people get it. Some don’t. Sam, for instance – he laughs at the fact that his wife, Kim can spend more time discussing and planning her next route, than actually running it.

But that is partly because Kim runs those routes fast! Much faster than I ever could! And she’ll get to prove it this weekend during her FIRST half marathon. She is running the 2009 Lynchburg Half in Virginia.
A little more than a year ago Kim started running. Her husband Sam seems to be a no-frills runner – you know, someone who is just naturally fast and doesn’t need a Nike iPod, a GPS timer watch and espresso Gu to get him through a long run. But Kim needed a little more motivation – and reached out to me – a fellow newbie. She and I would email and occasionally talk. I loaned her a couple of books. I figured she was a “runner” like me. Until her first race. She placed! I felt betrayed! Proud – but betrayed. (That's Kim in the middle and soaked.)

Two weeks ago Kim called to talk about her longest run yet. We talked about the scenery of the path she chose, the pain she felt afterwards, what she was going to eat before the race – and of course, her pace. I am so incredibly motivated by the progress she has made. But here’s the thing – no matter what - she is going to cross that finish line with a personal record, four very inspired daughters and a proud husband.
But she’ll have to plan her next race pretty soon – because we need to have something to talk about!

Good Luck!!!

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