Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dear Santa,

Florida is hot. I mean really, really hot. It’s the reason you can’t find a marathon down here in September and October. Tri and Run, like most Florida running clubs, just kicked off their Marathon training season. Start training now for a race in January or February– when you can find a marathon or half marathon any weekend in Florida.

So when I announced to a few folks that I was going to do the Chicago marathon in OCTOBER!– the look of horror should have been my cue to drop out. “That means you’ll be doing your longest training runs in the August heat!” But like a kid who swears he won’t shoot his eye out with that Red Ryder BB gun, I thought, “I can handle a few extra degrees!”

Fast forward to last night’s speed work in 97 degree weather. Fartleks! (It actually means speed play in Swedish – but it is my new favorite curse word.) Fartleks! For a moment I couldn’t remember why on earth I choose an October race… But as soon as I got home I remembered. As I was tucking my daughter into bed, I remembered how frustrating it was trying to schedule long runs around holiday parties, big turkey dinners and visits to see Santa. That was challenging. But not this year! I’ll be right there in line to see Santa, ready to ask for my very own Red Ryder BB Gun!


  1. How come you are hiding behind the big plant??? I couldn't find you for a long time! :)

  2. ;)
    Thanks again for the race package you sent! The socks are great, but I may not run in them this time since it is something new. But, can't wait to try them out afterwards! They might become my lucky socks!