Saturday, August 8, 2009

And the countdown begins

We are officially nine weeks away from the Chicago marathon. I know nine weeks will fly by - but if I do the math (another thing I am not good at -- will explain that later) - that adds up to about 300 more training miles to go. That doesn't even seem possible. Even worse -- if I translate that into hours of training - I could have taken a second job and actually gotten paid for this time. *Sigh* But oddly enough, I seem to enjoy most of this self-inflicted abuse.

Today Paula and I ran/walked/talked for 20 miles. This was Paula's longest distance ever. (But not by much -- I miscalculated the distance last week and we ended up going 19.75.) I did my first marathon at Disney World this past January, so I know the glory and pain of a 20 mile training run. But I was tired today. And Paula was not. It took everything I had to keep up. Which is why I love running with company. We motivate each other on days when one of us would be perfectly happy getting into our car and driving home.

Each week I seem to have some sort of injury/challenge to report after these monster runs. Today's word is CHAFING. And I will leave it at that!

Jane at Tri and Run took this gorgeous photo of us at the end of our run today (and before I was feeling any pain!)

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