Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dirty Girl

Last night I was telling a friend why I don’t take my dog to the dog park, “Because he gets filthy dirty when I take him there.” Friend's reply, “Yes. Does have fun?”

This simple exchange got me thinking. Do I need to be dirtier? Is it too late to make resolutions?

I started thinking about how my own daughter has probably never made a mud pie. Coming from an Irish family – mud pies were probably the most exotic and exciting thing I ate as a kid!! I loved making them! Digging a big hole in my backyard – mixing it with a bucket of water until the consistency of mud mixed with pebbles was just right for shaping. Then I’d pick a few Marigolds from my mother’s flower bed, pull out the hundreds of tiny petals and sprinkle them on as decorations. It was perfection. I don’t think Caroline has ever done this. Of course it would mean her nails would be filthy, her clothes a mess and my backyard – well I can’t bear to think about it!

I recently didn’t attend a race because a friend pointed out the course would make our running shoes dirty. Seemed ridiculous, but then I remembered how disgusting my clothes were the last time I ran in Moss Park. She was right.

But then I think about my experience doing the Muddy Buddy. That was FUN! It’s a biking and running race that ends with a crawl through a mud pit!! And when you’re done, you fight for space under a communal hose to rinse off. To say I was a mess would be an understatement. And with plans to go out for a birthday dinner that night, I spent a good 90 minutes getting a manicure and pedicure while trying to explain to the manicurist that I am not a dirty person, I just happened to be playing in the mud.

But why do I think this is important? It’s not just about getting dirty. It’s bigger than that. It’s about being less uptight and less concerned about how others view me. It’s about recognizing what makes me happy and then embracing that. (And in my case, what makes my kids happy. And yes – what makes my dog happy.)

So on that note, I am considering a visit to the dog park today. And then a date with the dog shampoo and a hose! And is anyone interested in signing up for the Muddy Buddy with me in May?? Let me know. I’ll put the manicurist on alert!!