Monday, August 31, 2009

Not ready to make up... yet...

Okay – running and I had a fight this weekend. And I am still a little angry. Not ready to make up yet. Sure, we’ve had our ups and downs over the past two years, but nothing I can recall being too upset about. Then came the longest training run ever, on what felt like the hottest day ever.

The goal was to finish 24 miles Saturday morning. We have been training using a 2:1 method. Two minutes of running, one minute of walking. Paula and I have found this method to be very manageable over the past couple of months. I think my mistake with the Disney Marathon in January was not having a consistent training plan. I would run 4:1 or 8:2 – basically did what I felt like doing until I got tired. But the goal is to NOT get tired. This is where I fell short on Saturday.

We started out at 4:30 AM. (You would be surprised at how many people actually do this! I am not the only fool out there!) I was tired right from the moment I woke up – and not anxious at all. That should have been the sign. I am usually a wee bit anxious, nervous or excited about the challenge ahead of me. But I wasn’t. Just tired. By mile six I was thankful we were making a pit stop at the store. The next round of running fools had arrived to start their training around 6ish… so we had some quick conversations, a little Gatorade and continued on. It was exactly the boost I needed. By this time however, we were already soaking wet and weighed down by the humidity. But only 18 more miles to go!

I could go on and on – but basically – 18 miles is a long way to go when you are soaking and tired. I had my usual bouts of fatigue followed by surges of energy – my typical ebb and flow. But something just didn’t feel inspiring. I think ultimately, there was little fanfare in finishing 23.5 miles. (Paula’s Polar said 24.03, my Garmin said 23.5.)

And then I felt like crap the entire afternoon. I can deal with feeling lousy if I just finished a marathon and hobbled around all day with a medal around my neck, eating pancakes at IHOP – BUT when I just hobble around all day explaining I ran 24 miles in this heat, most people just think it’s stupid.

The day wasn't a complete wash. I did reward myself with a brand new pair of Brooks Adrenaline running shoes… much needed. And they’re actually more useful than a medal!

So here it goes – I have to make up with running, because I have to break in these new shoes. So hear me out running: I am going to forgive you for Saturday’s unfortunate experience. I am going to erase the memory of miles 14 – 22. We’re gonna start fresh, thinking about Chicago, the victory and those pancakes!


  1. Running is a love/hate relationship!
    I have challenged John to run the half-marathon with us next year. He said, "I HATE running!" I agreed with him and told him, "I hate running, too, while I am doing it...but, I LOVE what it does to me...the way it makes me feel--especially when I am finished...the feeling of satisfaction..." He took the, next time you write on his wall encourage him for me!
    Is it me...or are you becoming the Incredible Shrinking Woman?

  2. OHH! I just read this as I am about to post another blog. I will definitely send him a note! Oddly - I know how he feels!

    I think I need shorter friends!!

  3. Silly girl... I didn't mean shrinking in height! You are lookin' good, girl!